Our Story

We always wanted to find a business we could do online where we could make enough money (not millions) to live comfortably but at the same time give back to society. The idea for Give as you Bet developed accidentally through several 'prompts' merging together as one. Firstly we sometimes bet on sports ourselves, but we mainly know lots of people who bet with bookmakers for fun, especially on weekend Premier League football. Secondly we were introduced to a UK cashback site for shopping online and we randomly noticed that some of the bookmakers we liked to bet with appeared on this website - but that there were no voucher codes available for their sites. Thirdly a friend mentioned a similar website where instead of money being given back to people it was instead donated to charities. These were the three things that came together in forming the concept of Give as you Bet. The betting and gambling industry is huge in the UK so why not find a way to make the bookmakers 'give-back' a little for once? They pay 1000's of affiliates on tipster websites, live-score websites and similar to attract new customers, so why wouldn't they want to join up with an affiliate who wanted to give something back to charity whilst doing this? And so....Give as you Bet came into the world!