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Give as you Bet launched in mid 2018 and for the first couple of years has opted to donate all monies raised by our users to a single charity, the details of which you can see on Our 2018 Charity page. It is hoped by the end of 2019 that we reach our £10,000 fundraising target for this charity and that much of the remaining income made can be used to develop Give as you Bet further. We hope in the future to offer our users the ability to choose their preferred charity from several different charity partners, as we appreciate everyone has different charity areas they may wish to support.

At present unfortunately not. One reason being that partners provide information to Give as you Bet on new user sign-ups and revenue generation in an anonymous format. We do hope to develop this service in conjunction with our partners in the future and is what we will be investing in developing in the long-term. For now you can visit our blog here and see our posts reporting our donations made to the nominated charity each month. As the website grows and donations grow we will also be noting donations generated by each partner.

We donate a significant portion of the affiliate commission payments we receive from our partner casinos, bookmakers and other betting partners to charity. Remaining earnings are used to fund the on-going development and growth of Give as you Bet. We want to keep Give as you Bet free for our users to raise money for charity.

All donation amounts we display represent the amount the charity will receive. A £20 donation means a £20 donation.

As some affiliate commission payments are made to Give as you Bet in EURO or USD, we will endeavor to update donation amounts if exchange rates to GBP alter significantly at anytime.

The amount you can raise for charity via Give as you Bet is variable and depends on a number of factors. Mainly how many partners you choose to register with and whether you choose partners that result in one-off donations or monthly recurring donations being made by Give as you Bet to our nominated charity.

One-off donations are specific amounts donated one time to our nominated charity by Give as you Bet. Monthly recurring donations are highly variable as the amount depends on the revenue that is generated by our users for our partners. The monthly recurring donations can potentially result in large amounts being donated to our nominated charity each month, or very little and even nothing in other months (i.e. if no revenue is generated by our users for the partner that month).

As Give as you Bet actively encourage responsible gambling we do not recommend to sign-up with multiple bookmakers all at the same time just in order to donate more. Perhaps try one bookmaker for a while and if you like the bookmaker then stick with them and if you don’t you can always come back to Give as you Bet to try out a new bookmaker and donate again when you do.

If you have never gambled or bet before please make sure you read our responsible gambling page before registering and depositing with any partner.

If you are ever concerned you are unable to gamble responsibly please visit

Lots of people in the UK gamble at online casinos or bet on sports at online bookmakers for entertainment. Give as you Bet offers these people the opportunity to donate money to charity whilst they do this.

Casinos, bookmakers and similar businesses often use affiliates to help promote their offers and to attract new customers. For doing this these affiliates earn commission payments from these gambling sites. Unlike any other affiliate Give as you Bet uses our affiliate commissions to donate to charity. Give as you Bet donates a significant portion of our affiliate commissions to our nominated charity and uses remaining monies to promote and develop the Give as you Bet website.

The UK National Lottery raises millions for charities every year and we hope over the long-term that Give as you Bet can also make a significant contribution to charity as well. For our couple of years operating we are aiming to hit a fundraising target of £10,000.

Give as you Bet aims to donate to our nominated charity on a monthly basis.

The majority of our partners pay Give as you Bet an affiliate commissions once a month. Consequently we donate to the charity once we have received these payments. We usually attempt to donate to the charity within a week of receiving the affiliate commission payments.

All incoming affiliate payments and donations we make to the charity are recorded in detail and made available on the Give as you Bet blog.

The donations made to charity come out of affiliate payments made to Give as you Bet from gambling websites. The donation does not cost you anything extra as Give as you Bet pays the donation from our affiliate earnings.

In order for the donation to be processed most of the gambling website request that new customers who come via Give as you Bet complete a specific action. For example, the action may be that the new customer must deposit £10 when they register. The actions required in order to activate the affiliate payment, and therefore the accompanying donation, are detailed on each partner’s Give as you Bet page.

Although it is necessary to complete the minimum action if you wish to enable a donation to occur, at no point do Give as you Bet require this minimum action to be complete if you just wish to sign up to a bookmaker/casino and are not interested in making a donation via our website.

If the minimum action that will enable the donation via the bookmaker’s affiliate payment to Give as you Bet is considered to be an extra cost to you then we recommend to not complete the minimum action and choose whichever action suits you best or not to sign-up at all. In such instances though a donation will not occur.

You can also consider donating directly to the charity yourself without using the Give as you Bet website. You are under no obligation to use the Give as you Bet website in order to donate.

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