Lots of people in the UK gamble at online casinos or bet on sports at online bookmakers for entertainment. Give as you Bet offers these people the opportunity to donate money to charity whilst they do this.

Casinos, bookmakers and similar businesses often use affiliates to help promote their offers and to attract new customers. For doing this these affiliates earn commission payments from these gambling sites. Unlike any other affiliate Give as you Bet uses our affiliate commissions to donate to charity. Give as you Bet donates a significant portion of our affiliate commissions to our nominated charity and uses remaining monies to promote and develop the Give as you Bet website.

The UK National Lottery raises millions for charities every year and we hope over the long-term that Give as you Bet can also make a significant contribution to charity as well. For our couple of years operating we are aiming to hit a fundraising target of £10,000.

What is the purpose of Give as you Bet?

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