The donations made to charity come out of affiliate payments made to Give as you Bet from gambling websites. The donation does not cost you anything extra as Give as you Bet pays the donation from our affiliate earnings.

In order for the donation to be processed most of the gambling website request that new customers who come via Give as you Bet complete a specific action. For example, the action may be that the new customer must deposit £10 when they register. The actions required in order to activate the affiliate payment, and therefore the accompanying donation, are detailed on each partner’s Give as you Bet page.

Although it is necessary to complete the minimum action if you wish to enable a donation to occur, at no point do Give as you Bet require this minimum action to be complete if you just wish to sign up to a bookmaker/casino and are not interested in making a donation via our website.

If the minimum action that will enable the donation via the bookmaker’s affiliate payment to Give as you Bet is considered to be an extra cost to you then we recommend to not complete the minimum action and choose whichever action suits you best or not to sign-up at all. In such instances though a donation will not occur.

You can also consider donating directly to the charity yourself without using the Give as you Bet website. You are under no obligation to use the Give as you Bet website in order to donate.

Will my donation cost me anything extra?

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